His attention to detail and overall demeanor are excellent and he’s a pleasure to work with. We have an extremely high volume workload that demands quality control in a fast-paced environment. I can always count on Thomas to accomplish his duties as well as volunteer to step in at any time to help the team achieve it’s goals and meet it’s deadlines in a timely and professional manner.

Thomas would be an asset to your company and has my highest recommendation. Please feel free to reach out and contact me for any more information. Thank you.

John Farrell
Managing Producer- Creative Media
WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment)

Thomas is a quality talent, with a keen sense for detail, uniqueness & initiative. He has proven himself time and time again to not only fulfill deadlines, but reach that with the strong work in that time allotted. He is a gentleman of many skills, reliable working a camera, editing and any other tasks needed in the post-production process.

Though he can handle projects confidently on his own, Thomas is an excellent team player, open to the ideas of others, and while not afraid to suggest ideas that will best benefit the project at hand. He is a solid communicator, has an intriguing sense of maturity to his demeanor and is not afraid to think outside the box, when an opportunity to do so is acceptable. He would be a great asset to any company that takes him on for his great abilities.
That being said, he would be a perfect fit for the position and will be a rising star while being pleasure to work with.

—Jeff Conway—
Multi-time nominated Host and Producer ( Social with Jeff, Comcast/Scene Chicago)

“Mr Thomas Alessio has proven to be exemplary in his drive and desire to progress in his interests. A fast paced learner with creative agility that is quite impressive. I personally recommend Mr Alessio as an asset to any production and or company. Having been in the television and film industry since 1984, I believe him to be a production star on the rise”

Tony Hernandez
Production V.P. VSpann Cinespace Chicago

“Thomas is totally dedicated to his craft, he very detailed oriented which is great for all aspects of broadcasting. Thomas has a drive to succeed and a work ethic that produces excellence. Thomas is a great team player and can execute under the pressures of a dead line.”

Dion Walker
Student Services/Production Coordinator Illinois Media School

“Thomas Alessio is one of the most focused students that we have had at the Illinois Media School. Thomas excelled in his work here at IMS, and he ready to take his career to the next level. He has the attributes that I have always looked for when I was hiring talent. In short, he gets it, and would be a tremendous addition to your staff.”

Don Clark
National Director of Career Services
Illinois Media School